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Singapore Orchard Rd Neighbourhood Guide

Orchard Rd is Singapore's famous shopping strip. It's lined with mall after mall and most of them are connected underground, allowing for endless shopping without having to leave the comfort of air-conditioning. But if you looking to shop in Singapore, Orchard rd is the place to come, every major international brand you can think of have an outlet on Orchard rd, in fact some of the bigger ones have several. Bring you credit card. Shopping is a favourite weekend hobby for Singaporeans, so expect crowds in the weekends.

Best Hotels in Orchard Rd

Goodwood Park Hotel

€ €

Exuding a quiet charm, Goodwood Park Hotel in Orchard Road district boasts 2 pools and a spa. This historic hotel features 6 dining options and free private parking for guests. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout ... Read more

Mandarin Orchard Singapore

€ € €

Mandarin Orchard is centrally located along Orchard Road, just a 5-minute walk from Orchard and Somerset train stations. Within walking proximity to Paragon Medical and Mount Elizabeth Hospital, the hotel offers a luxurious oasis with ... Read more

Shangri-La Hotel

€ € € €

Set amid 15 acres of exotic gardens, Shangri-La Singapore offers a hideaway, a 7-minute walk from bustling Orchard Road. This luxurious hotel boasts pampering body treatments at CHI, The Spa and a fitness centre. Shangri-La ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Orchard Rd

THE BOILER Louisiana Seafood & Beer

€ € €CasualFunLivelySeafood

Reviewed by: EataCity - Such A Fatty -

Singaporeans love crab. Both chili and pepper crab are national favourites. So it's no surprise that when a couple of young investment bankers, bored of their days jobs, started an American seafood restaurant the locals ... Read more

Din Tai Fung

€ €CasualDumplingsFavouriteFoodie

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Din Tai Fung is a global phenomenon in waiting. It’s a actually a chain with branches throughout Asia and a couple in the US and Australia. Everyone we know that has been to Din Tai ... Read more


€ €Ramen

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - Lady Iron Chef -

Even though it's a Japanese import, we really wanted to include a ramen place in the Singapore guide because quite frankly, most ramen places in the West have got a long way to catch up ... Read more

Warung M. Nasir


Reviewed by: EataCity -

Nasi Padang is basically steamed rice with a range of pre-cooked dishes to choose from. This type of restaurant comes from Indonesia, but is widely eaten across Singapore and Malaysia. It's a essentially a buffet ... Read more

Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily

€ € €ModernSingaporeanStylish

Reviewed by: Chubby Hubby - EataCity - I Eat I Shoot I Post - So Shiok - The Guardian -

Mix Singaporean food with Western techniques, and generally moderinsing the menu, is what Wild Rocket are about. They've been doing it for a few years now and are still probably the most successful at it. ... Read more

Imperial Treasure - Paragon

€ € €ChineseTraditional

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity -

To try authentic Chinese food in Singapore, and one of the best Peking Ducks in town, Imperial tressure has two branches around Singapore. And a bunch of other Chinese restaurants as well. Read more

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Best Bars in Orchard Rd

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro

€ €Good ValueWine

Reviewed by: City Nomads - EataCity - Lifestye Asia - Singapore Foodie -

The prices at a wine bar in Singapore can sometimes cause involuntary seizures. Lucikly these guys have the cure. It's affordable drinks in a pretty relaxed environment. Read more

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Best Cafes in Orchard Rd

Oriole Coffee + Bar

€ €Great Coffee

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Great coffee, average food. They have a little coffee take away window. Probably the best coffee this end of Orchard Rd. Read more

Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery)

€ € €BreakfastComfortable

Reviewed by: City Nomads - EataCity - Ms Skinnyfat -

Wild Honey does breakfast, a lot of breakfast. Over a dozen different ways and all day Long. There's English Full breakfast, Tunisian, French and even Caribbean. This place is 'wildly' (excuse me) popular and the ... Read more

Jewel Coffee - Orchard Rd

€ €FavouriteGreat Coffee

Reviewed by: Asia City - EataCity -

The second branch of our favourite coffee place in Singapore. A good option for morning coffee in you're staying in the neighbourhood. Read more

PS.Cafe at Palais

€ € €Brunch

Reviewed by: EataCity - Lady Iron Chef -

Western style brunch is pretty popular in Singapore and PS Cafe is a long term local favourite. Read more

Real Food Cafe

€ €ComfortableFusionVegetarian

Reviewed by: EataCity -

For a completely different option to some of the quite heavy typical Singapore food, Real Food offers vegetarian food in a very well designed, cool and clean cafe. Read more

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Best Street Food in Orchard Rd

Food Republic

Air ConditioningFood Stalls

Reviewed by: EataCity -

If you need to fill up after some shopping on Orchard Rd and would like a quick bite, Food Republic offers a selection of local and international food stalls. And just like in the West ... Read more

Zion Riverside Food Centre

AuthenticFood StallsSingaporean

Reviewed by: EataCity - Pinky Piggu -

Zion is relatively airy as far as hawker food centres go. If you want the full hawker experience without the stuffy heat then Zion is a good option. It also has a couple of local ... Read more

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