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Singapore Dempsey Hill Neighbourhood Guide

Dempsey Hill is a park area with a collection of restaurants and bars. There aren't any hotels, but it's a popular place for locals for come for dinner and brunch in the weekends.

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Best Restaurants in Dempsey Hill

Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey

€ € €CharmChineseComfortableModernParks

Reviewed by: Chubby Hubby - EataCity - Honey Combers - Orindary Patrons - Pretty Hungry - The Guardian -

There are two kinds of Chinese food, the food you get inside China and the food you get outside. Chopsuey was opened by PS Cafe owners and has created a menu that seems familiar to ... Read more

Jumbo Seafood - Dempsey

€ €AuthenticSeafoodSingaporean

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab are Singaporean favourites. If you feel like cracking into a whole crab smothered in sweet, tomatoey chilli sauce, then Jumbo is your best bet in Singapore. The most popular ... Read more

Samy's Curry Restaurant


Reviewed by: EataCity - Lady Iron Chef - Where to Eat SG -

Dempsey offers a wide range of places to eat, from the very high end to the very casual. Samy's is the far end of very casual. It's a bit of a legendary place in Singapore ... Read more

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Best Bars in Dempsey Hill

The Green Door

€ € €Outdoor AreaParks

Reviewed by: Asia Bars - City Nomads - EataCity - Honey Combers -

Good spot for a lively post-dinner drink if you're on Dempsey Hill. Read more

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Best Cafes in Dempsey Hill


€ € €BrunchOutdoor AreaParks

Reviewed by: EataCity - Lady Iron Chef -

Western style brunch is pretty popular in Singapore and PS Cafe is a long time local favourite. There are a few branches, the best being set amongst a small rainforest in Dempsey Hill. Worth a taxi ride. Read more

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