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Best Bars in Singapore

Singapore has some of the best bars in South East Asia. Whether you want to relax by a pool, scale the heights for a city view or cosy into a quiet well designed speakeasy, Singapore has it all. The drinks aren't cheap (the government makes sure of that), but our Singapore bar guide will help you navigate the city's best nightlife to help you get the most out of this city.

Best Bars in Chinatown/Ann Siang Hill


€ € €CosyJazzWhiskey

Reviewed by: Asia Bars - EataCity - Great New Places -

Many a late night has been spent in this modern, tastefully done whiskey and jazz basement bar. It's our go-to late night whiskey bar when in Singapore and despite its size, they often have live ... Read more

Operation Dagger

€ € €CocktailsDesign

Reviewed by: Asia City - City Nomads - Conde Naste Traveller - Drink Somewhere - EataCity - Lady Iron Chef - Lifestye Asia - The Revelry - World's Best Bars - Yumy Yum for my Tum Tum -

Operation Dagger is Singapore's newest and coolest and well designed cocktail bars. It's getting an international reputation for very good, very inventive cocktails, weird considering its small size, the fact only a few people in ... Read more

Tigers milk

€ € €CocktailsRooftopViews

Reviewed by: EataCity -

The recently renovation Ying Yang is now a Peruvian bar call Tiger's Milk. It's on our list of top three rooftop bars in Singapore. Good drinks and great views around China Town. Why exactly they ... Read more

28 Hong Kong Street

€ € €CocktailsSpeakeasyStylish

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Behind an assuming brown door is the funky little 28 Hong Kong St. It's a speakeasy style bar, with great cocktails and a 'no photos' policy. Read more

COPPER Singapore

€ €CocktailsCosy

Reviewed by: Asia City - EataCity - Honey Combers - Lifestye Asia - Sassy in Singapore -

Funky little cocktail bar within a stone's throw of Club Street, but just far enough away to avoid the crowd. Read more


€ € €CocktailsCosy

Reviewed by: EataCity - Life in Sin - Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow - The Revelry -

Comfy cocktail bar with seats that suck you in and don't let you leave. Read more

Oxwell & Co

€ €BarLivelyOutdoor Area

Reviewed by: EataCity - Honey Combers - Love Travel Food Fitness - So Shiok -

Part bar part restaurant, Oxwell is properly best treated as a bar with optional snacks. Great place to grab a drink outside and soak up the Club St atmosphere. Read more

Potato Head Folk

€ €Rooftop

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Potato Head Club in Bali is huge and packed almost every night. This is their much smaller Singapore little sibling. Still with the same fun as Bali, but a lot, lot, lot smaller. Read more

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Best Bars in Dempsey Hill

The Green Door

€ € €Outdoor AreaParks

Reviewed by: Asia Bars - City Nomads - EataCity - Honey Combers -

Good spot for a lively post-dinner drink if you're on Dempsey Hill. Read more

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Best Bars in Marina Bay


€ € € €FavouriteRooftopViews

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Relax by the pool at Lantern Bar and soak up some of the best views and most expensive drinks in Singapore. Truth is the drinks are worth the price, just for the view alone. Book ... Read more

CÉ LA VI Singapore

€ € €LivelyViews

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Previously known as Ku De Ta, this is an iconic bar in Singapore. Nestled on top of the grand Marina Bay Sands building, there's no better spot for a view of Singapore and a drink with Singaporean party people. Read more


€ €RooftopViews

Reviewed by: CNN - EataCity -

If you budget doesn't reach to Lantern Bar, then Kinki is the next best option for a rooftop drink in the Marina. Read more


€ €Beer BreweryViews

Reviewed by: Anglo Nip - Asia Bars - Asia City - CNN - EataCity - Miss Never Full - Perceptive Travel -

We initially thought this was a gimic that would go bust very quickly. The idea of putting a beer brewery 33 floors up in one of the most expensive office space in the world seemed...less ... Read more

South Coast Bistro and Bar

€ €Outdoor Area

Reviewed by: Asia City - EataCity -

Nice spot for a beer outside in Marina Bay. It's own by Aussies so has the feeling on being on the beach in Australia more than the glitz of Marina Bay. Read more

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Best Bars in Orchard Rd

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro

€ €Good ValueWine

Reviewed by: City Nomads - EataCity - Lifestye Asia - Singapore Foodie -

The prices at a wine bar in Singapore can sometimes cause involuntary seizures. Lucikly these guys have the cure. It's affordable drinks in a pretty relaxed environment. Read more

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