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Chez L'Ami Jean

Bistro serving regional dishes

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Chez L'Ami Jean is a classic up-market little French bistro serving up perfect French food. The sort of French food that France is known for, buttery, fatty, heavy and requiring a good bottle of wine to lubricate through the digestive system. This is a proper French lunch, one you settle into for a long time. For example if you order the terrine, you don't get a slice of terrine, you get the whole pot and simply help yourself until you've had enough. Picking at the cornichons between large chunks of delicious terrine caked into hunks of fresh bread. But don't over do it, there's a lot more to come. There is only a French menu, but the wait staff will happily translate it for you. So in that way it is a tourist friendly place without really catering to tourists. And as one one (rather large elderly tourist) pointed out on arrival. "this isn't a restaurant it's a crammed bus!". Small, charming and French, very very French. Bring a healthy appetite and credit card.

This is 'modern' rustic cooking, order the meatiest, heartiest dish on the menu and wash it down with wine, a digestif and a nap.

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"...I had a splendid soup really, albeit called a blanquette, of octopus and squid." ...Full review at John Talbot

"If this is all you do, this is fucking sick. Gimme the bill, I’m good, I couldn’t be happier." ...Full review at Lucky Peach

"Hot, loud and busy, Jego is intent on feeding you fantastic rustic comfort food in take no-prisoners portions..." ...Full review at Paris Kitchen

  • Chez L'Ami Jean
  • 27 Rue Malar, Paris Show on map
  • +33 1 47 05 86 89
  • Website
  • Hours today | Tuesday: 12:00 – 2:00 pm, 7:00 – 10:00 pm Show more

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