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Best Restaurants in Paris

Restaurants in Paris range from the casual neighbourhood bistro you see in the postcards to crazy expensive Michelin starred eateries. Paris has almost 100 Michelin starred restaurants. If you like high end French food, then throw a dart at that list and you can't go wrong. Some of the more popular spots are very hard to get into though, so some forward planning weeks and sometimes months in advance is required. Our guide serves up options for informal, formal and modern French restaurants. Each offer very good food and a fighting chance to get a table either on the day or with a couple of days forward planning.

Best Restaurants in 11th Arrondissement

Au Passage

€ €FoodieLively

Reviewed by: EataCity - Hip Paris - Paris Kitchen -

Au Passage is one of our favourite restaurants in Paris. It's bustling but not shoulder to shoulder, the wine flows plentifully, the food is French, but modern and ranges from a simple artichoke to more ... Read more



Reviewed by: EataCity - Hip Paris - Paris Kitchen - Sugar & Spiced -

Clamato is the baby sister of the hugely popular (and impossible to get into) Michelin starred Septime. It's billed as an oyster bar, but really is a fully fledged modern seafood restaurant with a menu ... Read more

Le 6 Paul Bert

€ € €FrenchModern

Reviewed by: Alexander Lobrano - David Lebovitz - EataCity - John Talbot - Paris Kitchen - Sugar & Spiced -

This is the more modern version of the traditional Bistro Paul Bert up the road. The original is very... 'tourist friendly'. Le 6 is more of a local affair, frequented by Parisians looking for more ... Read more



Reviewed by: EataCity -

We're really taking casual dining to the extreme here. This is a 'casual as it gets' little wine bar that few people other than locals know about and is rather hard to find, hence the ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in 1st and 2nd Arrondissements

Frenchie To Go & Wine Bar


Reviewed by: EataCity - Hip Paris - John Talbot - Lost in Cheeseland - Paris Kitchen - Sugar & Spiced -

We're really covering three members of the same family in one summary here. Frenchie is a the big brother, he's very hard to get into, but if you can, go for it. He has two ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in 3rd, The Marais

Le Clown Bar

€ €CasualFrench

Reviewed by: Alexander Lobrano - EataCity - John Talbot - Lost in Cheeseland - Paris Kitchen -

A Paris foodie favourite with bloggers and chefs alike. The owners come from top restaurant backgrounds and have opened one of Paris insiders' to go places. They open at 8am for breakfast and rock on ... Read more

Le Mary Celeste


Reviewed by: David Lebovitz - EataCity - Hip Paris - Paris Kitchen -

Le Mary Celeste is a hip bar in the increasingly hip neighbourhood of Marais with the slogan 'Eat Well Drink Well'. They spend a lot of time researching cocktails. They have Brooklyn beer on tap. ... Read more


€ €FrenchTraditional

Reviewed by: David Lebovitz - EataCity - Michelin -

Astier is exactly what you want in a traditional French bistro. It's solid hearty French food, checkered table cloths and when you think you're about done, out comes a massive cheese board. Settle in for ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in 5th and 6th


€ € € €JapaneseUp Market

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Choosing a Japanese restaurant in Paris may seem like an odd choose....but you only have to see the number of French restaurants in Tokyo that have Michelin stars to understand that these two cuisines have ... Read more



Reviewed by: Alexander Lobrano - EataCity - John Talbot -

Jean Francois Piege has two Michelin stars for his self named restaurant in Paris but recently opened Clover as a more laid back casual alternative to high end fine dining. The kitchen is very open, ... Read more


€ € €ModernSpacious

Reviewed by: EataCity - John Talbot - Lost in Cheeseland - Sugar & Spiced -

Semilla is larger than most of the places on our list, so if you're in a group or you like to freely move your elbows when eating, then Semilla is a good option. The food ... Read more

L'Avant Comptoir

Sharing PlatesSpanish

Reviewed by: EataCity - Food Expectations - Hip Paris -

Le Comptoir is a massively popular and very well known bistro attached to an upmarket hotel. The word is definitely out about Le Comptoir. During the weekends there is often a queue of people, mostly ... Read more

Les Papilles


Reviewed by: David Lebovitz - EataCity - Hip Paris - Paris Kitchen - Sugar & Spiced -

Proper top quality French Bistro, serving exactly want you want from a French Bistro. Snails, foie gras, blood sausage; all of that. Massive selection of wine, literally a wall of wine to choose from. There ... Read more

Le Timbre

€ € €FrenchModern

Reviewed by: EataCity - Hip Paris -

Timbre recently changed hands and is now run by husband and wife team Agnès Peyre and Charles Danet. The white tablecloths have been removed but Timbre's reputation for highly quality modern French cuisine remains. This ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in 7th and 8th

Chez L'Ami Jean

€ € €FrenchTraditional

Reviewed by: EataCity - John Talbot - Lucky Peach - Paris Kitchen -

Chez L'Ami Jean is a classic up-market little French bistro serving up perfect French food. The sort of French food that France is known for, buttery, fatty, heavy and requiring a good bottle of wine ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in 9th and Pigalle

Le Bouillon Chartier

€ €FavouriteTraditional

Reviewed by: EataCity -

A Parisian institution, Le Bouillon Chartier is the perfect place to experience old school Paris. Snails, beef tartare, steak frites, snails and carafes of red wine. Sure, it's a little touristy, and the queues can ... Read more

Les Canailles

€ € €FrenchModern

Reviewed by: EataCity -

In a city that likes to squeeze as many people as possible together in a small space, it's nice to find somewhere that gives you a little room to move your elbows. And once seated ... Read more

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