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Paris 1st and 2nd Arrondissements Neighbourhood Guide

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Best Restaurants in 1st and 2nd Arrondissements

Frenchie To Go & Wine Bar


Reviewed by: EataCity - Hip Paris - John Talbot - Lost in Cheeseland - Paris Kitchen - Sugar & Spiced -

We're really covering three members of the same family in one summary here. Frenchie is a the big brother, he's very hard to get into, but if you can, go for it. He has two ... Read more

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Best Bars in 1st and 2nd Arrondissements

À La Main

€ €FunkyWine

Reviewed by: EataCity -

What started as a shop selling food items from Corsica, is now a funky little Corsican bar. Friendly owners, a cool underground space and tasty snacks make it one of our favourite casual bars in ... Read more

Experimental Cocktail Club

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Roomy and dark cocktail bar. Read more


Reviewed by: EataCity -

Cocktails and coffee bar some small plates. Read more

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Best Cafes in 1st and 2nd Arrondissements


Great Coffee

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Pioneer of Paris' modern coffee scene. Read more

Coutume Lab Coffee

Bean RoasterGreat Coffee

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Taking coffee experimentation to new levels of sensory highs. Read more

Matamata Coffee Bar

BrunchGreat Coffee

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Matamata is a little town in New Zealand, where one of the owners is from. Flat whites and brunch. Read more

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What to See and Do in 1st and 2nd Arrondissements

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum