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Best Food Market in Paris

Paris' markets range from local affairs where people buy their groceries to more food stall type places where you can get something to eat. The later tend to offer a wide range of food, not just French. The former are good to visit and offer a glimpse into Paris life - in fact life before supermarkets took over most cities. The Eat a City Food Market Guide features a couple of the city's biggest and best markets.

Best Food Market in 11th Arrondissement

Aligre Market

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Covered neighbourhood food market. Not many eating options, but good to see local produce. Read more

Marché Bastille

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Very large open air Sunday market. Read more

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Best Food Market in 3rd, The Marais

Marché des Enfants Rouges

€ €Food StallsLunch

Reviewed by: EataCity - Hip Paris -

The markets name roughly translates to 'market of red children', the building it occupies used to be a childrens' orphanage. Open Tues-Sun, the market is a popular place for lunch. There are stalls selling everything ... Read more

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