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Best Bars in Paris

Paris has of course plenty of wine bars, but these days the hip locals are more likely to be sipping a bespoke cocktail than Beaujolais. There aren't 'pubs' as such, the equivalent in Paris is probably the corner cafe, of which there are plenty. Our Paris bar guide will give you some options for a pre or post dinner drinks and some that offer small bites. In Paris there is a push toward natural wines, made biodynamically. For more information on what these means and to find wine bars that specialise in natural wines then check out Not Drinking Posion.

Best Bars in 11th Arrondissement

Le Baron Rouge

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Old school neighbourhood wine bar serving charcuterie boards. Read more

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Best Bars in 1st and 2nd Arrondissements

À La Main

€ €FunkyWine

Reviewed by: EataCity -

What started as a shop selling food items from Corsica, is now a funky little Corsican bar. Friendly owners, a cool underground space and tasty snacks make it one of our favourite casual bars in ... Read more

Experimental Cocktail Club

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Roomy and dark cocktail bar. Read more


Reviewed by: EataCity -

Cocktails and coffee bar some small plates. Read more

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Best Bars in 3rd, The Marais


€ € €FavouriteSpeakeasy

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Despite being hidden behind a little taco shop, Candelaria is one of Paris best known and popular cocktail bars. They also happen to serve good little tacos too. You're best to arrive early or book ... Read more

The Little Red Door

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Funky and comfortable cocktail bar behind a' little red door'. Read more



Reviewed by: EataCity -

Cocktails and small plates. Read more

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Best Bars in 5th and 6th

Bar Etna

€ €Wine

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Modern little wine bar specialising in natural wines. Read more

Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

Reviewed by: EataCity -

As the the name suggests, Champagne and natural wines plus cocktails. Roomy bar with lots of tables and comfy chairs. Read more

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Best Bars in 9th and Pigalle

Grand Pigalle Bar

€ € €FavouriteSharing Plates

Reviewed by: EataCity -

The Grand Pigelle is a very cool small hotel started by the founders of the Experimental Cocktail Club. The group now boasts bars in Paris, London and New York. They've taken their hospitality experience and ... Read more


LivelySharing Plates

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Artisan has become a favourite of Paris young and lively foodie crowd. Read more

Baton Rouge

€ €Cocktails

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Comfy American themed cocktail bar. Read more

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