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Paris Guide

It’s easy to say that Paris is a little cliché; grand buildings, corner cafés, sweeping tree lined streets, restaurants serving amazing food and some of the best galleries in the world. But then again, the French did invent the word ‘cliché’ so it actually all makes sense. You don’t really need a reason to visit Paris, other than the fact it’s Paris. Get lost, get full, get inspired, get tipsy, get amazed, but most of all: get local. The tourist sights are great, but shoulder to shoulder with Parisians is the way to do Paris. Whether it’s in a crowded bistro, a park bench or the metro, Paris is best experienced when you immerse yourself in the French way of life. Croissant, café, gallery, long lunch, stroll, café, stroll, dinner, drink, sleep, repeat.

Best Places to Eat & Drink

Paris Restaurants


In a city where every street corner seems to be occupied by a cafe or restaurant, we introduce you to both old favourites and more modern places making waves in Paris

Paris Bars


The best bars serving great cocktails or natural wines

Paris Cafes


Choose from a growing number of small roasters

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