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Restaurante El Cardenal

Reviewers of Restaurante El Cardenal talk about: "Beginner Bugs""El Cardenal""Everyday Meal""Experience.Ant Eggs""Gorgeous Landmark""Local Delicacy""Upscale Breakfast""White Tablecloths"


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A gorgeous landmark from another era, El Cardenal serves a fantastic, upscale breakfast (it's also open for lunch and dinner). Order the chilaquiles, which arrive... ...Full review at Eater

This place serves arguably the best breakfast in the city, in the midst of Centro Historico, a block away from el Zocalo. Before looking at the menu, go ahead and... ...Full review at The Infatuation

Ant Eggs, El Cardenal Perhaps consider ant eggs – or escamoles – a jump from beginner bugs to intermediate. But you should seriously consider tasting this local... ...Full review at Vogue

  • Restaurante El Cardenal
  • Calle de la Palma 23, Centro, Ciudad de México Show on map
  • +52 55 5521 3080
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