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Pulquería '' The Duellists ''

Reviewers of Pulquería '' The Duellists '' talk about: "Agave Juice""Authentic Working-Class""Centro Pulqueria""Delightful Frenzy""Shot Glass Samples""Young Pulque Fans"


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This is the place to go if you want to experience an authentic working-class bar in Mexico City. The drink of choice is pulque, made from the maguey plant... ...Full review at Conde Naste Traveller

Some compare the taste and texture of unflavored pulque to snot. It's not so bad when it's flavored with something like jamaica (hibiscus), mango, pineapple, oatmeal,... ...Full review at Eater

You can smell the tang of fermented agave juice, pulque, out in front of this Centro pulqueria. Push past the swinging double doors into a delightful frenzy of young... ...Full review at Saveur

  • Pulquería '' The Duellists ''
  • Aranda 28, Centro, Cuauhtémoc Show on map
  • +52 55 1394 0958
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