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El Hidalguense

Reviewers of El Hidalguense talk about: "Crispy Maguey Worms""Legendary Restaurant""Long Menu""Moises Rodriguez Vargas""Small Ranch""Wooden Crates"


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There's a long menu here but locals know to order the barbacoa: farm-raised lamb from Hidalgo roasted for at least 12 hours — right in front of the dining area... ...Full review at Eater

completely dreamy. Moises Rodriguez Vargas lives in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, where at his small ranch he finishes the lambs, dresses them and slow-roasts them in pits... ...Full review at Rick Bayless

Only open Friday through Sunday, El Hidalgense serves some of the city’s finest barbacoa, trucked in all the way from the neighboring state of Hidalgo where barbacoa... ...Full review at Saveur

Oh, barbacoa, how we love thee. El Hidalguense trucks its braised meat in from the neighboring state of Hidalgo, where the beef is wrapped in maguey leaves and slow... ...Full review at Thrillist

  • El Hidalguense
  • Campeche 155, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Sur, Ciudad de México Show on map
  • +52 55 5564 0538
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