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Bar El Sella

Reviewers of Bar El Sella talk about: "Bone-In Pork Shank""Hot Corn Tortillas""Piquant Habeñero Salsa""Popular Dish""Pork Shank""Room Fills""Tender Meat"


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The nearby hospital supplies most of the clientele. Suited in white lab coats and blue scrubs, everyone is here for the chamorro, a braised pork shank served with... ...Full review at Eater

Though everything is good at this cantina, it's the chamorro, a bone-in pork shank braised in its own fat, that you'll find on every table. Meltingly tender meat... ...Full review at Saveur

This boisterous dive specializes in chamorro and ate con queso -- bone-in pork shank cooked in its own fat and tiny slices of cheese and quince paste drowned in... ...Full review at Thrillist