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Best Food Market in Mexico City

Best Food Market in Centro

Mercado de San Juan

Reviewers of Mercado de San Juan talk about: "Amazing Fruit""Chefs Market""Good Torta Place""Great Fish""Impressive Goats""Incredible Cheese""Spanish-Style Hams"

Reviewed by: Rick Bayless - Saveur - The Points Guy -

  • Calle de Ernesto Pugibet No. 21, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Website

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Best Food Market in Condesa

Condesa Tianguis

Reviewed by: The Points Guy -

  • D.F.,, Pachuca 13, Condesa, Ciudad de México
  • No website

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Best Food Market in Roma

Mercado Roma

Reviewers of Mercado Roma talk about: "Good Mexican Market""Great Chefs""Great Middle Eastern Fare""Mercado Roma""Mexican Cheeses""Real Hit""Roof-Top Beer/Cocktail Garden""Street-Level Stalls""Wide Variety"

Reviewed by: Rick Bayless -

  • Calle Querétaro 225, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc
  • Website

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