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Lisbon Guide

Lisbon is fast becoming a go to destination in Europe. It is without a doubt one of our favourite European city breaks. It has everything a summer city should have: a large sweeping waterway, blue skies and sunshine, plentiful open air spaces to have a drink in the shade, history, architecture and some really, really good food. The Lisbon locals love a late lively night out and Lisbon’s streets get very bustling late into the night. There are lots of options for after dark cocktails. During the day (if you don’t mind the odd climb) there are great city views or take one of the many trams to reach the city’s vantage points. Areas like LX Factory really show off Lisbon’s creative vibe and Belem’s open spaces are a perfect escape from the inner cities narrow cobblestoned streets.

Best Places to Eat & Drink

Lisbon Restaurants


Where to sample the best seafood and meet the modern chefs of Lisbon

Lisbon Bars


A look at Lisbon's best bars, from rooftops to quiet alleyways

Lisbon Cafes


Lisbon has some great little outdoor kiosks for coffee and more