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Best Street Food in Hong Kong

It's easy to eat on a budget in Hong Kong. Most local favourites go for less than US$10, whether it is melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket with noodles or crispy roast goose legs or sweet egg tarts with a buttery crust. It's so good that even Michelin has gotten in on the action, with 23 street food outlets being awarded stars in the last guide. Here's our guide for some of the best cheap eats you can get on the island (without travelling too far).

Best Street Food in Central & Sheung Wan

Kau Kee


Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - That Food Cray - The Dim Sum Diaries -

Tender beef brisket served with noodles and fragrant, meaty broth. This is the ultimate Hong Kong comfort food. And Kau Kee is the most famous place to eat it. The soup can be a bit ... Read more

Sing Heung Yuen


Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Hungry Hong Kong -

Island. Located in the trendy Gough street area, you’ll see locals queuing to eat noodles at foldable tables and stools outside. You can have either instant noodles, macaroni or rice noodles in a tomato-based soup ... Read more

Tai Cheong Bakery


Reviewed by: EataCity - Food Craver - Miss Never Full - That Food Cray -

Egg tarts consist of a flakey or short pastry crust, filled with sweet, eggy custard. Tai Cheong is famous for its short pastry egg tarts. Pop in for the perfect sweet treat. Read more

Tsim Chai Kee

Good ValueLocalNoodles

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - Michelin - That Food Cray -

Drop into Tsim Chai Kee for a quick, tasty meal if you’re in Central. Located across the road from the more famous Mak’s Noodles, you’ll see more locals dining at Tsim Chai Kee instead as ... Read more

Lan Fong Yuen


Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Fine Food Dude - Food Craver - Hungry Hong Kong - That Food Cray -

Lan Fong Yuen is one of the oldest cha chaa tengs, a Hong Kong-style diner popular with locals for fast food. Cha chaa tengs typically serve Hong Kong-style milk tea, which is weaker than British ... Read more

Sang Kee Congee Shop


Reviewed by: EataCity - Hungry Hong Kong -

Congee is a common local breakfast dish where rice is cooked low and slow until the grains have completely broken down into a smooth porridge. Unlike Western oatmeal porridge, congee is savoury rather than sweet ... Read more

Yat Lok Restaurant

AuthenticFoodieGood ValueLocalMeaty

Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Michelin -

Roast meat is a classic Cantonese dish and you can’t come to Hong Kong with trying it. A good roast goose should have crispy skin with a layer of melt-in-your-mouth fat underneath, and juicy, tender, ... Read more

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Best Street Food in Tsim Sha Tsui & Jordan

Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop


Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - Food Craver -

Wonton noodles is a classic Cantonese dish, typically eaten in between meals as a snack rather than a proper meal by itself. A good bowl will have wontons made with 100% large prawns, noodles that ... Read more

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Best Street Food in Wan Chai & Causeway Bay

The Butchers Club Burgers

€ €BurgersFavouriteHip

Reviewed by: EataCity - Fuck Yeah Noms - Hungry Hong Kong -

The Butchers Club only serves burgers and damn good ones at that. The dry aged beef patties are juicy, full of meaty flavour, and cooked to medium rare with proper smokey chargrill flavor. You can ... Read more

Trusty Congee King


Reviewed by: EataCity - Fuck Yeah Noms - Michelin -

Congee is a very common Chinese breakfast dish where rice is cooked low and slow until the grains have completely broken down into a smooth porridge. Unlike Western oatmeal porridge, congee is more savoury than ... Read more

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