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Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

Eating is a way of life in Hong Kong and meal times aren't restricted to three a day. It's perfectly ok to snack a little something here and there. Bowls of noodles, dumplings and traditional roast goose and duck are all on offer at any time of the day. When it's time for something more substantial then make yourself comfortable in one of Hong Kong's many restaurants. This is a truly international city where you'll find everything from new Nordic cuisine to Northeastern Thai street food to dry-aged steak. Our Hong Kong guide features some of the city's local favourites and a few foreign imports.

Best Restaurants in Central & Sheung Wan

Little Bao

€ € €BurgersChineseFavouriteFun

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - That Food Cray - The Dim Sum Diaries -

The big attraction here are the “burgers” made with steamed and fried Chinese buns called “bao”. We tried the slow-braised pork belly and Sichuan fried chicken burgers - both are as good as they sound. ... Read more

Butao Ramen

€ €FavouriteJapaneseNoodles

Reviewed by: EataCity - Eat with Jess - Ramen Adventures - That Food Cray -

Simply put, the best ramen in Hong Kong. Rich, creamy pork bone broth with a choice of flavours named after its color; black (squid ink), red (spicy miso) and green (pesto). Call us boring, but ... Read more


€ € €CocktailsFavouriteHipThai

Reviewed by: EataCity - Fuck Yeah Noms - Hungry Hong Kong - New York Times -

Chachawan may look like a hipster, all-style-no-substance place but trust us, there’s plenty of substance here. Serving food from the Northeastern Isan region, you won’t find any watery green curries or soggy pad thais here. ... Read more

Ho Lee Fook

€ € €ChineseCocktailsLivelyModern

Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Fuck Yeah Noms - Hungry Hong Kong - New York Times - That Food Cray - The Dim Sum Diaries -

From the street, Ho Lee Fook looks like a simple kitchen but once you descend the stairs to the basement restaurant area you’ll find hip young Hong Kongers and expats eating trendy food, washed down ... Read more

Ore-no Kappou

€ € € €FavouriteFoodieGood ValueJapanese

Reviewed by: EataCity - Fine Food Dude - Fuck Yeah Noms -

Ore-no Kappou is an offshoot of the Michelin-starred Ginza Okamoto restaurant in Tokyo, serving authentic, high end Japanese food at affordable prices. Super fresh sashimi is flown in each day from Tokyo’s fish market and ... Read more

The Chairman

€ € € €ChineseModernSeafood

Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Miss Never Full - World's 50 Best -

The Chairman brings the farm-to-table approach to Cantonese cooking, sourcing fresh ingredients locally and even has their own farm in Hong Kong (yes, there are farms in Hong Kong). Their dishes focus on the natural ... Read more


€ € €BBQCocktailsJapaneseLively

Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Food Craver - Hungry Hong Kong - That Food Cray -

Yakitori is the perfect drinking food. Skewers of grilled meat, mainly various parts of the chicken, cooked on a charcoal grill and seasoned with soy sauce or salt. Yardbird does the classic yakitori right - ... Read more

Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant

€ € € €CocktailsMeatySteakTrendy

Reviewed by: EataCity - Fine Food Dude - Fuck Yeah Noms - Hungry Hong Kong -

Blue Butcher is all about the meat. You can choose between bone in or boneless, grass-fed or grain-fed, Australian or American steaks - and they are all dry-aged on premise in their walk-in pink salt ... Read more

Chôm Chôm

€ € €FoodieHipLivelyVietnamese

Reviewed by: EataCity - Hungry Hong Kong - That Food Cray - The Dim Sum Diaries -

Starting out as a private kitchen, Chom Chom serves a modern version of Vietnamese street food. Outside the restaurant, you have the same small plastics stools as you would find all over Vietnam. But inside ... Read more

Ding Dim 1968

Casual LunchDumplingsLocal

Reviewed by: EataCity - The Dim Sum Diaries -

Ding Dim is located on trendy Elgin Street but it’s not like any of the places around it. The dim sum chef, also known as Master Black, has been serving delicious dumplings since, well, 1968. ... Read more

Lin Heung Tea House

€ €DumplingsLocalTraditional

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - HK Magazine - Hungry Hong Kong -

Lin Heung is as old school as it gets. Even locals consider this a blast from the past - some of their dishes can’t be found anywhere else in Hong Kong. Don’t expect a menu ... Read more

Mott 32

€ € € €Business DinnerChineseStylish

Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Food Craver - The Dim Sum Diaries -

Sample modern interpretations of Chinese dishes from different regions, like apple wood roasted duck from Beijing, lobster mapo tofu from Sichuan, along with plenty of Hong Kong classics. The food here is well-executed, if not ... Read more


€ € € €Foodie DateModernNordicSeasonalSet Menu

Reviewed by: EataCity - e_ting - Fuck Yeah Noms - New York Times - The Dim Sum Diaries -

The hottest restaurant on the island right now, NUR would be more at home in Copenhagen than in Hong Kong. Serving only a tasting menu with no choices, each dish that comes out is perfectly ... Read more

Tim Ho Wan

€ €CasualDumplingsTouristy

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - Hungry Hong Kong - That Food Cray -

Billed as the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, Tim Ho Wan serves a small selection of perfectly executed dim sum. Although it is known for its notoriously long lines, we’ve heard this has gotten ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui & Jordan

Din Tai Fung

€ €CasualDumplingsFavouriteFoodie

Reviewed by: EataCity - HK Magazine - Michelin -

Din Tai Fung is a global phenomenon in waiting. It’s actually a chain with branches throughout Asia and a couple in the U.S. and Australia. Everyone we know that has been to Din Tai Fung ... Read more

As You Like

€ €ChineseGood ValueLocalSpicy

Reviewed by: EataCity - HK Magazine -

As You Like isn’t so much a restaurant, as it is an empty shop set up with the most basic tables and chairs and a few portable gas cookers. Don’t let its appearance fool you, ... Read more

Nanhai no.1

€ € €ChineseDumplingsSeafoodViews

Reviewed by: EataCity - Food Craver - HK Magazine -

The real attraction here is the amazing 180 degree views across the harbour towards Hong Kong island. Perched on the 30th floor of the iSquare building in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui, Nanhai boasts ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Wan Chai & Causeway Bay

22 Ships

€ € €ModernSharing PlatesTrendy

Reviewed by: EataCity - Hungry Hong Kong - That Food Cray - The Dim Sum Diaries -

Ship Street is a little lane in the middle of Wan Chai that is now home to a handful of trendy restaurants and is a reflection of the change this area has gone through. It’s ... Read more


€ €24 HrsFunJapaneseNoodles

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - Eat with Jess - Hungry Hong Kong -

Open 24 hours, Ichiran is the perfect place for a midnight snack, specifically tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen. There’s some fun Japanese gimmicks here - each customer gets their own little stool and booth, and ... Read more

Fook Lam Moon Restaurant

€ € €CantoneseTraditional

Reviewed by: Daniel Food Diary - EataCity - Michelin - World's 50 Best -

This is the flagship branch of the legendary high end Chinese restaurant, Fook Lam Moon. Michelin stars, Miele guide, and Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants - FLM has won all these awards with its traditional Cantonese ... Read more

Serge et Le Phoque

€ € € €Date NightFrenchSeasonalSet MenuTrendy

Reviewed by: EataCity - Michelin - New York Times - World's 50 Best -

Hidden in the middle of the Wan Chai wet market, Serge et Le Phoque is unlike other French restaurants in Hong Kong, most of which are stuffy places located in upmarket hotels. Instead, Serge et ... Read more

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