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Best Casual New Nordic Set Menu

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Radio is a more informal restaurant, relaxed with exposed dark wood walls and dim spot lights make for an intimate restaurant with a very cosy feel. It’s founded by chef Jesper Kirketerp and his partner Claus Meyer, whom also happens to be co-founder of Noma. Claus provides some of the ingredients from his own farms and Jesper turns them into inventive new Nordic cuisine. There is a set menu, but with more flexibility than most places. You can choose which dishes you want and don't want, opt for dessert or an extra starter. In Copenhagen there are a tonne of set menus that serve endless courses of small tasting plates. The food at Radio is a little more generous and it’s possible to have a three course meal. What, just three courses? Impossible. The food is seriously good and combine this with the atmosphere, Radio would be our local restaurant if we lived in Copenhagen.

Radio is a set menu, but allows some freedom to pick and choice. We suggest you treat it like sharing plates and order everything!

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Radio mentions around the internet

"Would you like to try new cuisine in a little more down to earth level than Noma, and without having to have a meeting with your bank manager first..." ...Full review at AOK

"I’d definitely recommend Radio for those who want a more accessible introduction to New Nordic cuisine, while staying true to the farm-to-table traditions." ...Full review at Gab and Gobble

"...it was one of the best meals I've had in Copenhagen. Radio comes with a pedigree that spans some of the best kitchens in Copenhagen..." ...Full review at The Insatiable Eater

"The first bite was a beautiful amuse with radish and smoked goat cheese. Very good! " ...Full review at Your Little Black Book

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