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Kiin Kiin

Best Upscale Thai Outside of Thailand

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Why would you eat Thai food in Copenhagen? Because it’s the best Thai food you’ll eat outside of Thailand…and possibly inside of Thailand. We’ve tried a tonne of ‘modern/upscale’ versions of Thai food and most of the time they've fallen short. They don’t have the depth of flavour of something you’d get on the street in Bangkok and yet cost 100 times as much. But Kiin Kiin have nailed it! We’re not alone in thinking this, Michelin gave Kiin Kiin a star, one for only a handful of Thai restaurants around the world. Chef and owner Henrik Yde-Andersen doesn't restrict himself to just Thai though and is comfortable mixing in Japanese flavours and ingredients into the mix. Kiin Kiin is intimate, relaxed, a little formal, and serves crazy good food that comfortably sits amongst Copenhagen's new bred of Nordic restaurants. It's a must visit if you’re a Thai food fan and want to see what a real pro can do when it's given the Michelin-style treatment.

The pre-theatre menu at 5:30pm, despite the ~500DKK price tag is quite frankly a bargain! But for the best experience come for the evening set menu.

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"There’s no doubt the food here is exceptional and arguably of a higher standard than fine-dining restaurants I have eaten at in Bangkok." ...Full review at Gourmet Traveller

"The wine-parings are interesting and Henrik Yde Andersen is a great and charismatic host." ...Full review at Very Good Food

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