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Best Funky New Nordic

€ € € €DesignFavouriteModernSeasonalSet Menu

After leaving Noma, American chef Matt Orlando started his own place and has brought a little funk to Copenhagen. The restaurant is housed is a fairly industrial building next to the water North East of the city in what at first looks like an overgrown abandoned patch of land beside an industrial park. Closer inspection reveals a little food oasis with a small greenhouse, potted plants and space for open air bonfires. It’s easily reached by a quick ferry ride and makes for a pleasant trip from the centre of town. Entering the large brick building reveals a modern, polished concrete, large dining room. With music blaring from speakers in the two storied dining room and denim shirted wait staff casually ferry plates of food to diners. René Redzepi (founder of Noma) described Matt as as possible ‘future king of Europe’, high praise from someone of René status. Matt did stints in several other Michelin starred restaurants including the Fat Duck in the UK and Per Se in New York. And so as you’d expect, the food is very Michelin like, it’s precise and beautiful plates of seasonal modern Nordic cuisine. Amass is popular with Copenhagen’s trend setters and seems a certainty to pick up a Michelin star soon. Not that he needs it or if truth is really looking for it.

Amass serves a set menu, sit back and let Matt and his team guide you on a 'New Nordic' food adventure. Fresh, seasonal with a touch of funk.

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Amass mentions around the internet

"If you’re looking for a leisurely way to spend a sunny day, this is it. At 195 DKK a box, it’s a laid-back alternative to some of Copenhagen’s pricier meals while still feeling special. " ...Full review at Scandinavia Standard

"I enjoyed Amass and I think it's a place that will get better over time." ...Full review at The Insatiable Eater

"The casual approach to exciting and playful fine-dining makes Amass such a great restaurant." ...Full review at Traveling Foodies

"I visited shortly after the opening and I really liked it." ...Full review at Very Good Food

""...opened Amass earlier this year, and it remains one of the hottest tables in Copenhagen right now (if not all of Europe). ...Full review at Zagat

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