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Copenhagen Vesterbro Neighbourhood Guide

Throughout Europe central train stations attract a certain vibe...meaning, establishments that attract travelling men. And Vesterbro is no exception. But like all of these areas around Europe they are changing, the red lit doors are being replaced by young entrepreneurial hospitality people wanting to start something new; interesting restaurants, bars and hotels. The downside of staying in Vesterbro is the very active nightlife. The upside of staying in Vesterbro is the very active nightlife. The actual red light area is now pretty small and most of restaurant recommendations are outside this area. If you don't mind falling asleep to sounds of Copenhagen's party kids enjoying themselves (in the summer Copenhagen gets hot and they aren't big on air conditioning), or if you plan on joining them, then Vesterbro is the place to stay. Otherwise, come and enjoy the nightlife and then retire to your hotel elsewhere.

Best Hotels in Vesterbro

Best Budget Hotel

Urban House

Good ValueLivelyYoungBar

Mixed hostel and hotel, Urban House attracts mostly younger guests and backpackers. But they also have a few double and family rooms which (for this city) offer good value for money. Read more

Absalon Hotel

€ €

Renovated in 2015, this family-run hotel is in the vibrant Vesterbro district, within 5 minutes’ walk of Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli Gardens. It offers bicycle rentals and a popular Scandinavian breakfast buffet. Featuring colourful ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Vesterbro

Best Introduction to New Nordic


€ € €FavouriteModernNordic

Reviewed by: AOK - EataCity - Nordic Choice - Very Good Food -

This little pony was sired by Michelin starred Kadeau on the island of Bornholm ( a short flight or ferry from Copenhagen) and out of Michelin starred Kadeau in Copenhagen. For non-horse people: Pony has ... Read more

Best Nightlife Area

Meatpacking District

€ €LivelyNightlife

Reviewed by: EataCity -

This seaside area of Copenhagen has been transformed from industrial area to lively nightlife district. With around a dozen bars and restaurants serving everything from hamburgers to fresh oysters. It would be easy to come ... Read more

Best Lunch for Modern Open Faced Sandwiches


€ € €BeerCasualFavouriteModernNordicSchnapps

Reviewed by: EataCity - My Well Seasoned Life - Traveling Foodies -

Craft beer brewer Mikkeller has a big has presence in Copenhagen ...and now Tokyo. Øl & Brød translates to ‘beer & bread’ in Danish. A simple name that defies what’s really on offer. A selection ... Read more

Best Casual Seafood Restaurant

Kødbyens Fiskebar

€ €LivelyModernSeafood

Reviewed by: EataCity - How To Spend It (FT) - Lisa Eats World - Lucky Peach - Very Good Food -

Situated in Copenhagen’s fish dock area, Fiskebar is loud and full of young trendy locals. Obviously the focus is on seafood; there’s a raw bar serving up oysters and marinated fish, and a selection of ... Read more

Best All Day Casual Dining

Café Dyrehaven


Reviewed by: EataCity - Frugal Traveler -

Dyrehaven isn't so much a restaurant as a drop in cafe and bar that serves a mixed menu. It's open from breakfast till dinner, and the bar is open til 2am in the weekends. The ... Read more

Best Upscale Danish-Asian Fusion

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

FusionSet MenuUp Market

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Located in the picturesque Frederiksberg park of Mielcke & Hurtigkarl is fine dining at its most unique. Let's start with Frederiksberg itself. Technically you're not even in Copenhagen, this used to be a small town ... Read more

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Best Bars in Vesterbro


€ € €

Reviewed by: Conde Naste Traveller - EataCity - New York Times - Petitie Passpot -

We like Lidkoeb, we like Lidkoeb a lot! It feels like a large cabin in rural Denmark. Cosy leather chairs with woolly rugs, a large open fire, half a dozen booths, a great cocktail list, ... Read more

Duck and Cover

€ € €CocktailsDesign

Reviewed by: EataCity -

The area around Vesterbrogade is getting a reputation as 'the' place for urban cool. If you want to start a ramen shop or cocktail bar, this seems to be the area to do it and ... Read more

Best Craft Beer

Mikkeller Bar

€ €Beer

Reviewed by: EataCity -

When in Denmark a visit to a Mikkeller bar is a must. This little beer company makes a great brew and their craft beer is now available from Copenhagen to Tokyo. The beer menu changes ... Read more

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Best Cafes in Vesterbro

Best Brunch in Vesterbro



Reviewed by: EataCity -

Granola is like an all-day-breakfast cafe. Danish people love sweet breakfasts, pastries, and pretty much anything with sugar on it or in it. If you want something savoury, Granola serves up good eggs and a ... Read more


Reviewed by: EataCity -

Rist is a tiny little cafe that serves a handful of dishes but some very good coffee. If you're after a bigger breakfast, try Granola across the road, then come here for coffee. Read more

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