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Copenhagen Nørrebro Neighbourhood Guide

A little out of the way, Nørrebro is a nice place to come and hang out with the locals. Jægersborggade St is fast becoming a foodie hangout, with nice places to eat and some good bars. Unfortunately it's very suburban, which means you won't find many hotels nearby; Avenue Hotel is the exception. If you tire of the main tourist areas then come out and relax a bit. There is a Danish word 'hygge', which means cosy. Nørrebro is 'hygge'. If you'd like to stay with the locals and can't get a room at Avenue, then try for an apartment on AirBnB.

Best Hotels in Nørrebro

Best Home Away From Home

Avenue Hotel Copenhagen

€ €Bar

Avenue Hotel is a little out of the way, but what it lacks in location it makes up for in style and hospitality. Housed in an older style building, the hotel has a homely feel. ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Nørrebro

Best Upscale Thai Outside of Thailand

Kiin Kiin

€ € € €ThaiUp Market

Reviewed by: EataCity - Food Expectations - Gourmet Traveller - Very Good Food -

Why would you eat Thai food in Copenhagen? Because it’s the best Thai food you’ll eat outside of Thailand…and possibly inside of Thailand. We’ve tried a tonne of ‘modern/upscale’ versions of Thai food and most ... Read more

Best Casual New Nordic Set Menu


€ € €CosyFavouriteModernNordic

Reviewed by: AOK - EataCity - Gab and Gobble - The Insatiable Eater - Your Little Black Book -

Radio is a more informal restaurant, relaxed with exposed dark wood walls and dim spot lights make for an intimate restaurant with a very cosy feel. It’s founded by chef Jesper Kirketerp and his partner ... Read more

Best Alternative to Noma


€ € € €ModernSeasonal

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Noma alumni Christian Puglisi and Kim Rossen opened Relæ five years ago with a firm focus on seasonal, sustainable and organic produce. Which is very much the driving force behind modern Nordic cuisine. The intention ... Read more

Best Casual Lunch

Manfred & Vin

€ €CasualNordic

Reviewed by: EataCity - Gab and Gobble - The Insatiable Eater - Traveling Foodies -

If you fancy a slice of urban Copenhagen life away from the tourists, then hop out to Jægersborggade St. It’s becoming a bit of a foodie street. There are a couple of small bars nearby, ... Read more

Best Breakfast All Day


€ €

Reviewed by: EataCity - Frugal Traveler -

Grød is all about porridge, all kinds of porridge, from western oat porridge to Asian congee. Read more

Best Ramen and Beer

Ramen to Bíiru


Reviewed by: EataCity -

The team at Mikkeller are taking over the world with their charming craft beer brand. They now have a bar in Tokyo. After falling in love the country's ramen bars, they've set up their own ... Read more

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Best Bars in Nørrebro

Mikkeller & Friends


Reviewed by: Guardian - New York Times - New York Times - Petitie Passpot -

  • VIKTORIAGADE 8 B-C, København
  • Website


Reviewed by: EataCity - New York Times -

It’s very local, it’s very casual, it likes its heavy music. But this is Denmark, so it’s also very natural wood, ambient light, pot plants on tables and 20 odd beers on tap - all ... Read more

Salon 39


Reviewed by:

  • Vodroffsvej 39, Frederiksberg C
  • Website

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Best Cafes in Nørrebro

Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Fætter Fætter Toast Bar

BrunchCasualOpen All Day

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Technically Fætter Fætter isn't a restaurant, it's a toast bar. They make this clear on their website: "We are a toast bar and not a restaurant". Is that clear enough? So what the heck is ... Read more

The Coffee Collective Jægersborggade

€ €

Reviewed by: Coffee Vine - EataCity - Tastemade -

Coffee Collective is a Copenhagen institution. They are leading the way in terms of good coffee in this city. There are a few outlets, but this is our favourite, roasting beans in house. Read more

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