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Best Newcomer fine dining

€ € € €DesignModernSeasonal

Opened late 2015 einsunternull (one below zero), is on a fast track to a Michelin star. With the tagline "Free your taste" and a super slick dining space, they tick every box. And with host Ivo Ebert and chef Andreas Rieger coming from a couple of two-star restaurants (Reinstoff and Horváth) the young team know what they're doing. The food is very polished, very seasonal, very modern European. The influences from places like Noma are pretty obvious. Read our review for some examples of the food. Lunch is served in the sunlit ground floor restaurant with its elevated kitchen that's exposed to diners through a huge glass door. Dinner is a little more formal, with diners occupy the basement restaurant (one below zero). Walk past the large wine library and into a dark but cosy dining space. Set lunches range from 3-5 courses for roughly €29-€45 and dinner ranges from 6-10 courses for between €77-€120. They'll also serve wine or juice matching. The juices actually come from a joint-owned orchard.

The set lunch menu (€29 for 3 courses) is a bit of a bargain when considering the quality of the food.

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Review: einsunternull

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  • einsunternull
  • Hannoversche Straße 1, Berlin Show on map
  • +49 30 27577810
  • Website
  • Hours today | Thursday: 12:00 – 2:00 PM, 7:00 – 10:30 PM Show more

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