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Best Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin's multicultural population means it probably spends more time looking outwards than any other German city. And the food is reflective of this. There are some really good traditional eateries, but there are also many modern interpretations of German and European cuisine. There's also a growing focus on seasonal menus, an example being the very excellent Nobelhart und Schmutzig, where they take 'local' to a whole new level. Berlin must also have more Vietnamese restaurants per capita than anywhere outside of Vietnam. There's good reason for this, during the cold war days many Vietnamese moved from communist North Vietnam to communist West Germany. Many of the migrants and their sons and daughters have gone on to spread Vietnamese food throughout Berlin. And it's really good, especially if you feel like a light lunch between heavy German meals.

Best Restaurants in Kreuzberg

Best Casual Fine Dining

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

€ € € €Casual Fine DiningCosyModernSeasonalSet MenuWine

Reviewed by: Berlin Food Stories - EataCity - Michelin - New York Times - The Irish Times - What We Adore -

Without a doubt one of our favourite restaurants in the world! At Nobelhart & Schmutzig (Noble Hard & Dirty) the focus is on serving only local food and ingredients and nothing should be 'boring' or ... Read more

Best All Day Restaurant

Industry Standard

€ € €ModernSeasonalSharing Plates

Reviewed by: Berlin Food Stories - EataCity - Munchies - Still in Berlin - Two Foodies Eating -

The team at Industry Standard will tell you their food has roots in France and the Mediterranean, but then the menu leads you in a different direction. Dishes like Scotch eggs, Welsh rarebit, and roasted ... Read more

Best Cafe Lunch in Kreuzberg

Louis Pretty

€ €CasualLunch

Reviewed by: Berlin Food Stories - Cool Hunter - EataCity - EXBERLINER -

OK, keep up with this. So these two guys named Mogg & Melzer opened a deli/cafe called: Mogg & Melzer. They served up pastrami sandwiches that won over hearts across Berlin and beyond. But alas, ... Read more

Best Hotel Restaurant

Michelberger Restaurant

€ € €CasualModernSeasonal

Reviewed by: Berlin Food Stories - EataCity - Ooh Berlin -

Michelberger definitely sits in the ‘modern European’ category. The influence from New Nordic restaurants is pretty clear. Lots of seafood, lots and lots of herbs, fresh seasonal ingredients mixed with nose to tail style dishes ... Read more

Best Peruvian/Nikkei


€ € €AuthenticLivelyPeruvian

Reviewed by: Berlin Food Stories - EataCity - Finding Berlin - Two Foodies Eating -

We visited Chicha after Jinx from Two Foodies Eating suggested it was the best Peruvian restaurant in Europe. Jinx grew up in Peru, so that is very high praise. If you ... Read more

Best Roast Chicken



Reviewed by: EataCity - Eat Before You Die - Guardian -

Henne is a simple neighbourhood joint that has been a Berlin institution for decades. Choosing what to eat off the menu shouldn't take long...there's only one dish; a fried half chicken. Sides stretch to potato ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Mitte North

Best Casual lunch

Chipperfield Kantine

€ €DesignLunch

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Chipperfield is an architecture firm with what has to be one of the best safe canteens around. Luckily for us they open it to the public as well. It is of course housed in an ... Read more

Best Ramen

Cocolo (ramenbar)

AsianOpen LateRamen

Reviewed by: Berlin Food Stories - EataCity - Little Red Book - Slow Travel Berlin - Still in Berlin -

With ramen bars opening up everywhere from Tokyo to Texas, it's only logical Berlin would get its fair share. What separates Cocolo from the pack though is that these guys are the real deal. Easily ... Read more

Best Vietnamese (And there are plenty)

District Mot

€ €AsianCasualVietnamese

Reviewed by: andBerlin - andBerlin - Berlin Food Stories - EataCity - Foodie in Berlin - Happy Belly -

District Mot is a casual Vietnamese restaurant fitted out to look like a Vietnamese street food vendor. It’s great place to get a bowl of Phở (noodle soup) for lunch, but has also gained a ... Read more

Best Newcomer fine dining


€ € € €DesignModernSeasonal

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Opened late 2015 einsunternull (one below zero), is on a fast track to a Michelin star. With the tagline "Free your taste" and a super slick dining space, they tick every box. And with host ... Read more

Best Deli Lunch in Mitte


€ €CasualQuick Bite

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Housed in an old Jewish School converted into gallery space. Mogg is the casual little neighbour to the Michelin starred Pauly Saal next door. It's a New York style Jewish cafe and their pastrami sandwich ... Read more

Best Fusion Burger and Bao

Shiso Burger

€ €AsianBaoBurgers

Reviewed by: andBerlin - EataCity -

Bao are becoming a new food trend, these Taiwan steamed buns are popping up everywhere. Shiso burger put their own little spin on it by taking typical bao ingredients, with some influences from around Asia, ... Read more

Best Group Dining

Katz Orange

€ € €CasualInternationalTrendyYoung

Reviewed by: EataCity - Food Expectations - Independent - Messy Nessy Chic - Michelin - New York Times -

Katz Orange is popular with the Berlin Mitte crowd. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a modern Mitte restaurant. Tasteful, eclectic, bohemian furniture, light, airy rooms full of Berliners sharing plates of slow ... Read more

Best Neighbourhood Restaurant


€ € €Date NightGermanLocalSeasonal

Reviewed by: Berlin Food Stories - Creme - EataCity - Foodie in Berlin - Still in Berlin - Your Little Black Book -

Lokal is a neighbourhood restaurant serving fresh seasonal German food with a focus on game meat in a relaxed environment. Think Scandinavian design meets German cuisine. Super popular so do book ahead. Read more

Best Business Lunch

Pauly Saal

€ € € €FormalGermanModern

Reviewed by: EataCity - How To Spend It (FT) - Michelin - Still in Berlin -

Bit of a darling of the Berlin art and foodie scene. Pauly Saal is housed in an old Jewish girls' school and serves Michelin starred food to locals and tourists in the know. The menu ... Read more

Best Value Lunch Menu


€ € €Casual LunchJapaneseOutdoor Area

Reviewed by: EataCity - Two Foodies Eating -

Dudu is a popular Japanese lunch spot for local Berliners. The set lunch menu is great value for money, serving up sushi/maki rolls and seafood bowls. Read more

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Best Restaurants in Mitte South

Best Traditional German

Lutter & Wegner

€ € €GermanTraditionalUp Market

Reviewed by: EataCity - Eat Before You Die - Foodie in Berlin -

Lutter & Wegner is the ultimate in German charming restaurants. It's comfortable. The service is perfect. The food is exactly as it should be and the classics haven't changed in years. There are two dining ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg

Best Casual German


€ € €CosyGermanTraditionalWine

Reviewed by: EataCity - Slow Travel Berlin -

Weinstein is good, seriously good like "homemade spätzle (dumplings) with steamed onions and 36 month old mountain cheese from Allgäu (Bavaria)" good. Its wood panelled walls are covered in empty wine bottles from around the ... Read more

Best Roast Pork Knuckle

Zur Haxe

€ €GermanTraditional

Reviewed by: EataCity -

You come to Zur Haxe for one reason, roast pork knuckle, MASSIVE roast pork knuckle. A German favourite, the locals knock one of these back each, but for the uninitiated, sharing one seems like a ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Tiergarten & Schöneberg

Best Neighbourhood German Restaurant


€ € € €GermanInformalLocal

Reviewed by: Berlin on a Platter - EataCity - Foodie in Berlin - Michelin -

Renger-Patzsch is a landscape photographer, and his black and white images adorn the walls of this neighbourhood restaurant. The food served up though, is anything but black and white. It's colourful, yet unpretentious German cuisine ... Read more

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