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Great coffee and craft beers

€ €Casual

Kaschk does a few things and does them all well. It's a casual hip cafe and bar that serves seriously good coffee and a changing list of craft beers on tap. You can literally come here in the morning for coffee and stay all day until 2am. They even have a shuffleboard...shuffleboard?!

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Kaschk mentions around the internet

"Beer enthusiasts who simply can’t decide between the Norwegian Lervig LSD (Little Sour Delight), American Left­Hand Milk Stout, German Freigeist Cherry Sauer, or Berlin ­brewed Lenny’s Huvila Coffee Creme Ale need not fret." ...Full review at Laura Endeavors

"Kaschk Berlin’s Delicious Trifecta: Coffee, Beer, and Cocktails" ...Full review at Sprudge

"If you’re in the city – you NEED to head to Kaschk Berin and check it out, I wish they’d open one in London so I could make it a regular thing." ...Full review at The World And Then Some

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