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Best Street Food in Amsterdam

There are some good little snacks to be had in Amsterdam. Pickled and smoked fish like harring (herring) and gerookte paling (smoked eel) feature regularly and are well worth seeking out. There are some shops around that do them. Alternatively check out the Food Market section. The Dutch are also partial to crumbed and deep fried food. Look for kroket (filled with a meat ragu) and bitterbal, its smaller rounder little brother.

Best Street Food in Central Amsterdam


Reviewed by: EataCity - Thrillist -

We've included Febo here purely for its novelty value. Febo is a chain of street side vending machines. Warm snacks are dispensed from one of the many 24 hour vending machines that dot the city ... Read more

Frens Haringhandel

Reviewed by: EataCity -

This is a little family run herring stand that's been going for over 25 years. Pickled herring is a bit of a Dutch snack treat. Either have them natural or in a sandwich. They come ... Read more

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