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Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there’s a growing focus on seasonal menus, done simply but done extremely well; menus change on a daily basis depending on what’s in season and what’s fresh. Traditionally, meat was the focus of Dutch cooking and vegetables were only there to prop up a sausage, but that has all changed. We're big fans of this trend and there are some restaurants in Amsterdam that are doing it very well; our favourite is De Kas. Quite a few of these places only offer a daily set menu and don't have an al a carte menu. Don't be put off by this. Put yourself in the chefs hands; they will also adjust the menu if you have specific dislikes. For more exotic fare, look for Indonesian food. The Netherlands once ruled Indonesia and in our experience the best Indonesian food outside of that country can be found in Amsterdam.

Best Restaurants in Central Amsterdam

Gebr. Hartering

€ € €Set MenuTrendy

Reviewed by: EataCity - Travel Channel - Your Little Black Book -

Gebr. Hartering is a modern Dutch restaurant with a French twist. It is an intimate space with wood-panelled walls and a cosy mini-room downstairs. The set menu changes daily. Try getting a table in the ... Read more


€ € €ModernSeasonalTrendy

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Opened earlier in 2015 Choux has been getting great reviews for its modern seasonal menu. Located in a rather industrial area of Amsterdam, the interior fits its surroundings, cut back, clean, steel and concrete. Bookings ... Read more


€ € €DutchFunTraditional

Reviewed by: EataCity -

'Moeders' is a Dutch word for mother. And that's what this restaurant is all about. Mother's cooking. Traditional Dutch food served in a restaurant that is a temple to mothers everywhere. Mother's photos line walls, ... Read more

Restaurant Greetje

€ € €Date NightDutchTraditional

Reviewed by: Amsterdam Foodie - Dutch Grub - EataCity - The Guardian -

A beautiful old restaurant serving upmarket and authentic Dutch food. The plush atmosphere, with formal service and polished wood panels, feels like stepping into a bygone era. Put on a jacket or heels and experience ... Read more

Bluespoon Restaurant (Andaz Hotel)

€ € € €Business Dinner

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Located in the upmarket Andaz Hotel, Bluespoon is an ideal business dinner location. Comfy chairs and fine dinning make for a perfect setting to discuss affairs of the day. Read more

Tempo Doeloe

€ €CasualIndonesianSet Menu

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Tempo Doeloe is one of the most well known places to try Rijsttafel (rice table), the Netherlands' take on Indonesian food. The food itself is very authentic, ranging from mild flavours to blow-your-head-off hot. You ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in De Pijp & Around

Guts & Glory

€ € €FavouriteModernSeasonalSet Menu

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Despite the name, this place is more glory than guts. Sister restaurant of Cafe Daalder, Guts & Glory's menu is centred around a particular animal. Every three months the animal changes. When we visited they ... Read more

Café Reuring

€ € €LocalModernRelaxedSeasonal

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Reuring is a small neighbourhood restaurant that serves its take on modern Dutch food. The place is full of locals, and everyone seems to know each other. It's an ideal place to escape the tourists ... Read more

De Japanner

€ €CasualJapaneseSharing Plates

Reviewed by: Amsterdam Foodie - Barts Boekje (NL) - EataCity - Parool -

Located on Albert Cuypstraat near the bars of Gerard Douplein, De Jappener is the perfect late night snack joint. Delicious little plates of Japanese food are served until 1 is during the week and 3 ... Read more

Pho 91


Reviewed by: EataCity -

We were recommended Pho 91 as the best place for Pho in Amsterdam. Have a warm bowl of soup and then wander the market and shops around Albert Cuypstraat. Read more

Restaurant C

€ € €Modern

Reviewed by: EataCity -

It may sound a bit of a gimmick, but Restaurant C's concept works. Courses are arranged accordingly to the style of cooking, the 'C;' standing for Celsius. There are cold plates to start, then sous-vide ... Read more

The Butcher

€ €BurgersCocktails

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Serving burgers to late night dinners is Butcher's specialty. But there is also a secret bar out the back behind the steal door, but you won't get in unless you know the password. To get ... Read more

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Best Restaurants in Jordaan & The Nice Streets

Cafe Daalder

€ € €CharmCosyModern

Reviewed by: Amsterdam Foodie - EataCity - Elizabeth On Food - NordicFoodWays - Story 154 -

Originally a Brown Cafe, Daalder is going through a transformation. They have their eyes set on getting a Michelin star, taking the charm of an Amsterdam cafe and giving it a dose of refined cooking. ... Read more

Tijger & de Vis

€ €CasualSeafood

Reviewed by: EataCity -

Tijger & de Vis is a small casual place with a focus on seafood. Either dine in or take away. Read more

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Best Restaurants in Oost

De Kas

€ € €Outdoor AreaSet Menu

Reviewed by: Amsterdam Blog - Cool Hunter - Dutch Grub - EataCity - The Guardian -

De Kas is a pioneer of seasonally inspired menus in Amsterdam. The restaurant itself is half inside a modern greenhouse located in leafy Frankendael Park. They serve a daily set menu that changes depending on ... Read more


€ €ModernSeasonalSustainable

Reviewed by: Amsterdam Foodie - Awesome Amsterdam - Barts Boekje (NL) - EataCity - Story 154 - Your Little Black Book -

The concept behind Instock is one of near zero waste. They take the food supermarkets aren't going to sell, like fruit and vege that didn't meet quality control standards, and turn it into something worth ... Read more

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