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About us

What is EataCity?

We started EataCity because we’re passionate travellers and foodies, but think that finding good/ authentic places to eat while travelling is too hard. There are lots of travel books and online guides that are great at telling travellers what to see, but not so good when it comes to food. We used to spend a lot of time researching what local bloggers and writers recommend before we travel. But not everyone has the time to the research so we created EataCity to make it easier for travellers to get recommendations from like minded locals.

What does the future hold?

Right now we're doing a lot of manual research to pull together food bloggers' recommendations in each city. In the future we want EataCity to be a platform for GOOD bloggers to share their recommendations. So while we haven eaten at most of the places in the guide so far, we know that we can't be experts in every city in the world. Going forward we want this to be a place for food bloggers to recommend where to eat in their city to each other and to travellers. Our goal is for Eat a City to be the best network for food bloggers and foodie travellers.

Who we are

Originally from New Zealand, but now calling Los Angeles home. We've been around a bit - visited over 40 countries and lived in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, London, Czech, Singapore and Boston. We've spent a lot of time travelling, mostly because we love it, but also because we have/had jobs that require travelling across countries and continents. We know we can't change airline food, but we can make a difference by helping people find a good meal in a good restaurant in a good neighbourhood when they arrive. Nick is employee number one. You can check out his LinkedIn profile here.

Nick & Jane

Get in touch

Drop us an email at jane@eatacity.com or nick@eatacity.com. You can also follow us on: