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Weekly Bites #2: Mid Autmun Festival Mooncakes

Hi travelling eaters,

We’ve now settled into Los Angeles after the move from London. And so after much delay, Weekly Bites will now become…..weekly. Apologies for the tardy effort so far. Alas, we’ll miss Europe, but we’re looking forward to embracing the Californian lifestyle. At the end of the month we’re off to Seoul and Bangkok for a week, join us on Instagram and Twitter to follow the journey including an eagerly awaited visit to the award winning Gaggan in Bangkok and Jungsik in Seoul. Meanwhile here are the Weekly Bites for August 15th, enjoy!

Around the web

Berlin Baristas
The Berlin Coffee scene is booming, this is the hipster capital of Europe after all. Still in Berlin have updated their coffee guide and now runs 29 cafes long. Have a read for a look at today’s Berlin coffee scene. Berlin Coffee on EataCity #berlincoffee on Instagram

Berlin Coffee

South America meets Africa meets Indonesian in Amsterdam’s Surinamese cuisine
On the South Eastern side of South America is the tiny country of Suriname. With a population under 600,000, it’s the continent’s smallest country. It was once a Dutch colony, and now the food of this tiny country can be found throughout Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Foodie gives a guide on where to find the best Surinamese food in the city. And if you’re in Amsterdam in August, Story 154 has a guide to all the food events happenings in the city.

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes
Next month from the 15-17th of September sees Chinese people across Asia celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival, celebrated on the night of a full moon, dates back over 3,000 years to a time when people offered sacrifices to ancient gods for a prosperous harvest. In Southern China, sweet mooncakes made of lotus seed or red bean paste, with a salted egg centre, and wrapped in pastry are eaten during the celebrations. They may look small, but these things are seriously rich and you’d be hard pressed to finish one by yourself.

If you’re travelling to Singapore or Hong Kong in the month of September, you’ll see mooncakes being sold everywhere. In Singapore, Lady Iron Chef and Honeycombers have guides on where to find the best mooncakes. In Hong Kong check out Lifestyle Asia #mooncakes on Instagram #mooncakes on Twitter

Notable openings

Copenhagen: The team behind Noma have started a new venture called 108. Sharing a similar food philosophy with Noma, but more casual and at a lower price point. Which probably means it’ll be even harder to get into than Noma itself. Meanwhile a new documentary covering the Noma team’s time in Japan has now opened and is available on-demand: Ants on a Shrimp.

London: Bao has opened a second branch in Fitzrovia. This little Taiwanese restaurant is hugely popular in London and opening a second spot will help with the constant queue outside their Soho restaurant. Marina O’Loughlin from the Guardian seems happy.

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Happy eating

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