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Review: Dear Jervois, We miss you already.

Brunch is tradition in New Zealand. In cafes across the country, Kiwis like nothing more than to start a day with some sort of egg dish (the national favourite being eggs benedict), fresh orange juice and a coffee. And coffee is taken very seriously, in fact some petrol stations in New Zealand sell better coffee than you’ll find in a UK or US coffee chain, but I’m getting off point. So when we were home recently we were looking forward to a return to tradition and a return to the New Zealand brunch, and were we not disappointed.

Newly opened Dr Jervois on Auckland’s Jervois Rd (hence the name) are doing Kiwi brunch 2016 style. We naturally ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon and rosti. And they were exactly what we were hoping for! Rich hollandaise sauce, perfectly cooked eggs (firm whites on the outside and running in the middle), crispy rosti, and delicate salmon from Akaroa in New Zealand’s South Island. What we didn’t expect was what was on the rest of the menu. Despite its history as a British colony, New Zealand is closer to Asia that it is Europe and there are strong Asian communities in Auckland. This has had a big impact on the cuisine in New Zealand. And so has it at Dr Jervois.

We love mushrooms on toast, and Dr Jervois’ balsamic mushrooms on sourdough includes both portobello and shiitake mushrooms and comes with an onsen egg, lentils and shaved parmesan. This was the real winner and would frankly have been unheard of a few years ago. It’s confident cooking and comes from years of mixing ingredients from East and West. Onsen eggs are from Japan and are literally cooked in hot spring water used for their famous onsen baths. The relatively low temperature means they cook slowly and both the egg white and yolk come out equally gooey. They are like their own little egg sauce packet. Mixed through with the mushrooms and salty parmesan; sorry eggs benedict, you have been replaced. Finish it off with a perfect flat white. This is brunch perfection.

The menu also boasts a soba salad, a vegan salad with kimchi, the beef salad comes with lotus root chips, and there is a fresh soft-shell crab roll with watercress, bean sprout, spring onion, baby coriander salad & seaweed tartar sauce in ciabatta bun. WHAT! We’ll be back home soon. We’ll tell our family the trip home is to see them, but really it’s for the best damn brunch in the world.

Dear Jervois Interior

Eggs Benedict

Eggs on Toast

Orange Juice

Dear Jervois Flat White

Dear Jervois Mushrooms Toast Onsen Egg

Dear Jervois
24 Jervois Rd
Herne Bay, Auckland
+64 9-376 7278
Open for brunch and lunch 7 days

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