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Chefx5: Questions for Bas Wiegel of De Kas, Amsterdam

Bas Wiegel

Bas Wiegel is the head chef at De Kas in Amsterdam. Located in a modern functioning greenhouse and with their own farm just north of the city, the restaurant is very focused on farm to table cooking and has been a pioneer of fresh seasonal cuisine in Amsterdam.

1. What made you become a chef?

I first got my baker degree, but after a while I was more and more attracted to the kitchen also because I had a holiday job in a small restaurant as a dishwasher. The adrenaline in the kitchen got me, and I started a degree for that. After 6 years and a lot of hard work I finished it. Almost 20 years in the kitchen now and still love it!

2. What are your favourite ingredients to cook with and why?

I don’t have a specific ingredient; I like to work with vegetables (all of them) Why? Because I always more had a feeling with them than fish or meat. And it’s the first thing the earth is giving to you.

3. What do you cook at home?

When I cook at home, it’s mostly easy food but healthy. Think of Asian food or Mediterranean food. Great fresh flavors that is what I want.

4. What’s your favourite dish on the current menu?

I don’t have a specific favorite dish, a dish that I like now is a dish with carrots, feta cheese, pickled carrot, nestursion leaves/ flower, hazelnuts, sorrel. Really great colors and flavors. We change the menu so often (every week) that it is so hard to have a favorite

5. What do you want customers leaving your restaurant to think?

I didn’t know that you could do that with vegetables. Motivate them to try things with vegetables at home.

De Kas
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
+31 20 462 4562
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